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Introducing the satuzzle collection


The Piazza San Marco, the Rialto Bridge, the Bridge of Sigh, winding canals or black gondolas are features we inevitably associate with Venice. Human Footprints from a period once the trading city of Venice wallowed in wealth and power.

The city is a historical phenomenon of human civilization - a Human Footprint - so densely populated with architectural beauty unlike no other city on earth. Experience the city from a new perspective.


One of the world’s most beautiful beaches is located on the east coast of Australia, the Whitehaven Beach. A Natural Footprint which is already sensational from up close but becomes even more stunning from a bird's eye view.

From the sky, it shines with bright arcs which are embraced by the turquoise water. The adjoining colorful jungle forms a wonderful contrast to the white sand. A journey of discovery for each Satuzzler.


The combination of a Formula 1 circuit and a Ferrari theme park is extravagant. But in the bird's eye view, Abu Dhabi's impressive skylines become a unique Human Footprint.

From a bird’s eye view, the structure of the track complemented by the red Ferrari-building emerges to create a wonderful view, an artwork of modern times. Experience this structure from a new perspective. A journey of discovery for each Satuzzler.