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About Us


In 1766 in UK, John Spilsbury glued a map on a wooden board and sawed it: The jigsaw puzzle was born. Almost 200 years later the Soviet Union launched the first satellite "Sputnik 1" into the orbit. Today, about 1000 satellites are orbiting our planet and taking pictures of every point on our earth - modern maps. Thanks to the latest technology we can now fully experience John Spilsbury’s invention. Accept the challenge and piece together puzzles of fascinating landscapes and human footprints of stunning cities and structures.

A satellite - image is paired with a p - uzzle and a sat - uzzle is born.

Satuzzle - puzzle die Welt von oben, is a jigsaw puzzle brand which employs aesthetic satellite images of cities, structures or natural landscapes as a unique selling point. The degree of detail of the images allows a challenging jigsaw puzzle experience and teaches at the same time geographical understanding.

The combination of aesthetics, challenge and personal associations to the images defines a new and unoccupied niche in the market for jigsaw puzzles. The specific motifs create an unprecedented challenge for any Satuzzler. The recognizable structures of streets and rivers allow a schematic approach to solve the jigsaw puzzles and offer at the same time longterm motivation for the players.

The Company

The Satuzzle GbR is a start-up company from Dusseldorf in Germany which employs satellite images for its jigsaws as a unique feature. The company was founded 2012.

Satuzzle was founded by Marc and Martin. The diverse professional backgrounds of the founders and their accompanied strong network provide the right ingredients to form a powerful team.